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Our Professional Services

We provide our clients with comprehensive strategic sourcing support. By applying our Peregrine Sourcing Model, we take a structured approach to every project by considering the client’s strategic objectives and provide practical results that support short- and long-term client needs. We can provide a full spectrum of strategic sourcing services including simple or complex RFx, sourcing research, supplier prospecting, supplier relationship management & conflict or problem resolution, and full implementations of a strategic sourcing system, process, or culture.

Our Strategic Sourcing Services

We provide clients with a full range of service and pricing options ranging from sourcing research, supplier prospecting, RFx, and supplier management, to full implementations of a strategic sourcing process.

Supply Market Knowledge Base

We maintain an extensive database and network of vendors and suppliers of a wide variety of services, processes, and products in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and other markets

Our Strategic Sourcing Process

We follow a detailed process that analyzes the supply market and the firm’s position in it to determine which strategies, tools, and methods to apply to drive best outcomes in every situation.


The Peregrine Sourcing Model is built on the concept of a continuously-learning strategic sourcing team combining a long-term strategic supply chain vision with the capacity to make appropriate decisions on a day-to-day basis. Our model employs four continuous processes: supplier prospecting, sourcing strategy deployment, a layered operating model, and supplier relationship management, to create a constantly evolving understanding of the supply market, development of employee competence, and short- and long-term performance results. Only by maintaining a continuous appreciation of all of these items can teams prevent sourcing strategy development from being just a one time project that is soon forgotten.


Layered Operating Model


The Strategic-Operational-Tactical Layered Operating Model is how the Peregrine Sourcing Model helps teams maintain the relevancy of their sourcing strategy amid the many issues, opportunities, and priority shifts that happen in business every day.

The strategic layer represents the strategic sourcing strategy on a one-many year horizon. Developing a comprehensive sourcing strategy requires a great deal of work on the part of a sourcing team and should always represent the longer-term objectives and needs of the enterprise. The sourcing strategy should include an idealized concept of the supply base and performance levels needed by the enterprise. It is very likely that the actual supply base of today does not reflect that idealized concept, but understanding the strategy’s objectives will help the team execute all other tasks in a way that unlocks the full potential of the enterprise and its supply chain.

Commonly referred to as “Supplier Relationship Management,” the operational layer includes the management of supply performance on a horizon stretching from a few months to a year or two. This layer can be thought of as the systematic measurement and management of supplier performance and deliberate planning and execution of supplier interactions. As the linkage between the strategic and tactical layers, the operational layer provides teams with the data and understanding to keep their sourcing strategy up-to-date as well as what best tactics could be employed when interacting with the supply base

The tactical layer represents all of the moves, interactions, projects, and crises that occur every day in an enterprise’s supply chain. The understanding and maintenance of a comprehensive sourcing strategy provide sourcing teams with a compelling datapoint when deciding how to manage a situation or pursue and opportunity. The execution of tactics feeds data back into the operational layer which creates the information needed to maintain and update a sourcing strategy by feeding back the effectiveness of that strategy.